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Using the NES NMAHP development framework image

Using the NES NMAHP development framework

Using the NES NMAHP development framework

The framework is designed to be used by practitioners, managers and educators in different ways.

By practitioners

  • to benchmark current level of practice
  • to continue to grow within current level of practice by identifying areas for development
  • to guide professional development from a newly qualified practitioner towards experienced, expert practice
  • to customise a development plan linked directly to their role by adding on knowledge, skills and behaviours from profession or role specific frameworks
  • to identify evidence to support personal development planning, or re-validation with the Nursing and Midwifery Council (NMC) or Health and Care Professions Council (HCPC)

By managers

  • to support discussions that take place as part of professional development reviews
  • to inform succession planning
  • to support Skills Maximisation – being the best you can be at every level of the practice
  • to support service redesign and skill mix

By educators

  • to plan and deliver education and training to meet the rapidly changing needs of practitioners
  • to identify opportunities for shared, inter-professional learning
  • to plan programmes of education to prepare practitioners to work at different levels of the framework
  • to describe how education programmes articulate with each other

The Development Framework also directly links to the NHS Knowledge and Skills Framework ( and can be used to support the annual development review cycle.