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The Development Needs Analysis Tool (DNAT)

This Development Analysis Tool (DNAT) is designed to help you reflect on your current job role and to identify areas where you may benefit from further training, education and development to enhance or develop your role. The Knowledge, Skills and Behaviours (KSBs) in the DNAT are arranged under the 4 Pillars of Practice. In completing this tool, it is crucial that you are honest and provide an accurate account to help you to identify the KSBs that are most appropriate to the development of your role and the most appropriate training and education to help you meet this level of practice. You will be assessing yourself against the Knowledge, Skills and Behaviours associated with your level of practice.

The NES NMAHP Development Framework contains generic KSBS for each level of practice. You may wish to add additional KSBs from other profession specific or role specific frameworks relevant to your role. There is a blank template for you to cut and paste these into.

DNAT – Level 5
DNAT – Level 6
DNAT – Level 7
DNAT – Level 8

Sign off template

For Advanced Levels of Practice, you may have a local sign off process or feed into the national Transforming Roles process for sign off.

Download the Sign off template (this is an example currently being used by Advanced Practitioners in NHS Greater Glasgow and Clyde.

Sign off template - level 5
Sign off template - level 6
Sign off template - level 7
Sign off template - level 8

To use this template

  • Cut and paste in the knowledge, skill and behaviours (KSBs) to be assessed
  • Map it to the framework or HEI module that the KSBs comes from
  • Undertake a self-assessment, noting which self-assessment tool you are using
  • State assessment method being used
  • Note who the name of the assessor (work based or HEI member of staff)
  • Cross reference to supporting documentation contained in your professional portfolio.

The Education Mapping Template

To assist education providers to map modules and programme to specific knowledge, skills and behaviours (KSBs) a template displaying all of the KSBs for each pillar of practice is available. This information will assist education providers and managers in signposting practitioners to courses and education opportunities which support each of the KSBs in the NES NMAHP Development Framework.

Template – Clinical Pillar
Template – Facilitation of Learning
Template – Leadership
Template – Evidence, Research and Development