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Levels of practice

Levels of practice

The Framework is based on practice from Level 5 (Practitioner) to Level 8 (Consultant Practitioner) of the Career Framework for Health (Skills for Health 2006, Scottish Government 2009). Moving through the levels is associated with increasing breadth and depth of knowledge, skills and behaviours across the four pillars of practice, widening engagement and increased responsibility and experience. The knowledge, skills and behaviours of each level of practice build on the level before.

Using leadership as an example, Figure 2 shows how leadership responsibility increases as a practitioner moves through the levels of practice in the NMAHP Development Framework.

Figure 2: leadership responsibility progression

career framework Level of practice

Level 5 - working within a team

Level 6 - Ability to lead a team or service

Level 7 - Ability to set up and lead a team or service

Level 8 - Ability to build and lead teams and services and input significantly at a strategic level